Cell phone accessories and cell phone repair in Gatineau

We were born out of a desire to meet the needs of an increasingly connected generation, seeking a trusted service provider who will put all of their know-how and professionalism at the service of the customer

We offer you a wide range of accessories for your smartphone or your electronic device, products of irreproachable quality at unbeatable prices.

We will know how to fix your device if it fails, because not only do we know how to do it, but also because we will keep your device and your data safe while fixing it.

So why look elsewhere when you are offered the best?

we do

We offer you the best of phone accessories. Thanks to a large catalog of more than a hundred products in stock, you have every chance to find the phone accessories you need! We are distributors of various international brands (Otterbox, UAG, Gear4 ...)

Browse our departments among which you will find phone cases, mobile cases, mains chargers, batteries, car holders, connected objects, etc ...


Immediate intervention

You live in Gatineau or Ottawa and your smartphone or tablet is broken, Come see us!
Free diagnosis and immediate repair provided on site, depending on availability of parts.
Time saving, confidentiality and security guaranteed.


The repair shop

Your precious devices are repaired in our workshops, in full compliance with the necessary safety rules.
Thanks to an organization and adapted intervention procedures, we guarantee a quality intervention, as soon as possible.
After your validation of a free estimate, we repair your devices with the greatest care, in compliance with antistatic rules.


The quality of the spare parts

To ensure the best repair, we are committed to providing you with original or high quality parts.
In addition, each component is scrupulously tested before being used to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Numerous tests are also carried out during and at the end of the repair to ensure optimal results.


Express 48h

You just broke your precious smartphone or tablet!
No worries, wherever you are in Gatineau or Ottawa, we pick it up and bring it to our workshop.
It will be repaired there as soon as possible before being returned to you.
Operation completed between 2 and 5 days depending on your location.


Experienced technicians

Our team of experienced technicians is above all made up of people passionate about their work and concerned about your satisfaction.
The quality of our working environments and the spare parts used strongly contribute to their motivation.
In addition, by contacting us, you can inquire about the status of your repair at any time.


Guaranteed repairs X months

All parts replaced as part of the repair are guaranteed for X months.
This warranty only applies to replaced parts and if, despite our tests, they prove to be defective, we undertake to replace them free of charge.

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